I am a mom, an artist, and Performing arts instructor at a kindergarten through eighth grade charter
school in Temecula, California.  I teach music, dance and theatre arts. I have three VERY busy boys,
and a wonderful, and patient, musician husband; that supports my artistic whims.
Lucky me!
I was born an artist and I have always had the need to create with my hands, and body; transforming
the average object or movement into something interesting and curious.  I spent many years as a
dancer, performer, and choreographer.  As my life has transitioned so has my art.  My focus on
performing my dance work has shifted to a focus on creating wearable art for others.  
Creating tangible items from the inspirational beauty that God offers is what drives my work. Every
leaf, tree, river, and stream are true works of art.  I love the peace that I find in nature and attempt to
create work that represents that peace and natural beauty.  I have taken a few classes in designing
jewelry, but I have found that they stifle my creative spirit. My visions of beautiful jewelry are not
the conventional. I find no greater joy than to create an object of beauty that is as individual as its
wearer, and enhances a woman's natural beauty and inner strength. I would hope that every one of
my creations is worn as a work of art and that each piece brings joy to the wearer.
Each design presented is embossed, engraved, cut and formed by hand using traditional and non
traditional metal smithing techniques.  The metals used in my work include, but are not limited to,
copper, sterling silver, stainless steel, brass, and gold.  Other materials included in my designs are,
gemstones, found objects, and glass.  Often, recycled and found materials are used.  I do not use
mass production techniques in my process.  I enjoy the individual spirit each design takes on when
it is created by hand.         
I appreciate the work of other artists and never recreate or copy designs. I love to find those who
support and encourage each other, in this very competitive business.  My hope is that other artist
continue to create and find inspiration in each other and the world around them.
Please enjoy my work and your journey through this life!

E c l e c t i c   J   D e s i g n s

unique ~ extraordinary ~ wearable art