I just love the wonderful energy you put out into the world with all your
creations.  Thank you for setting the bar! -Rachel Bierman  
As fans of your site, we would
like to invite you to participate
in StyleBakery.com’s eighth
installment of Designers on the
Rise, our popular online
directory featuring a listing of
must-see independent designers
and websites, scheduled to
publish on October 1, 2007.  
A friend of mine stumbled on
your web site and sent it to
me, and I am glad she did!  
When I saw your designs my
jaw dropped!  You are truly

Lisa- Long Island, New
My mom and I had the best
time at the Shecky's event.  Your
jewelry was definitely the
highlight for us!  We love the
pieces you made for us and can't
wait to buy more!  
The necklace that you made for my
friend is the most beautiful thing I
have ever seen!  Your designs are
unique and VERY special. I want
one for me. Thank you!
Adriana- Temecula, CA
Recording artist India Arie wearing custom
designed earrings and necklace.  
The necklace has the words
"Strength, Courage, Wisdom" from a song off her
first Grammy award winning album. The earrings
are silver and copper trees and leaves.
I love my new jewelry!  I am
so happy to go home with such
a special memory of Palm
Springs.  Thank you!
I love your special saying and the other goodies…I really appreciate your TLC and kindness!!
You love what you do and it shows!  I'll be sure to share with my friends all the beautiful work
you do. Many thanks!
Mary Dann-Mcnamee

Event Planner
E c l e c t i c   J   D e s i g n s

unique ~ extraordinary ~ wearable art