Fingerprint jewelry-Each fingerprint or thumb print keepsake jewelry item you order is commissioned
artwork, custom crafted, and very personal in nature.  Each piece is cast and finished by hand.  Surface and
size variations are to be expected and add to the natural beauty and individuality of these unique keepsakes.

Information about size, style, design, thickness, engraved, stamped or written information, quality of
fingerprint, and precious metal selection for each order is reviewed when the order is taken and reviewed
again when fingerprints, or custom order are received back in my studio.  Every effort is made to ensure the
correct specifications for the order before processing begins.

Return Policy: All jewelry pieces created by Jeni Sheldrake of Eclectic J Designs,  are commissioned
artwork. The pieces are personal in nature and cannot be returned for credit, refund, exchange or
reclamation.  Unlike manufactured items, no two pieces are alike, just as no two fingerprints are alike.  
Returns or refunds for personalized jewelry will not be given.  No obligation exists  to retain merchandise
returned without any notice and a mutual agreement on the return.  Should a customer wish to have
merchandise returned to them, all shipping and handling charges that apply must be paid for by the customer.

Order Cancellation:  Customers may cancel an order within 24 hours after placing the order.  All pieces are
commissioned artwork and very personal in nature, customers cannot cancel an order more than 24 hours
after the order has been placed.

Guarantee:  We guarantee that the craftsmanship and materials used are according to the original stated
specifications agreed upon.

Privacy Policy:  When you order from Eclectic J Designs, your name, contact phone number, e-mail address,
shipping address and billing information (credit card number/expiration date along with the billing address)
must be included.  Credit card information is not stored once the order has been processed.  Fingerprints
and/or footprints and/or hand prints of the individual(s) are required for imprinting on the custom piece you
are ordering.  Personal information that you would like included for any engraving on the piece you are
ordering are also needed.  This data is used to prepare your piece, process your order and ship it.  This
information enables order and shipping confirmations via e-mail or telephone.  Except for these purposes,
Eclectic J Designs will never disclose this information to any third party.

Legal Notice:  We strive to ensure timely and accurate product information and pricing on our website.  We
reserve the right to correct, update, and modify any and all information at our discretion.  Prices are subject
to change without notice.  All designs by Jennifer Sheldrake, Eclectic J designs, are copyrighted.  Any and all
pictures on our website may have been altered, resized, or modified.  Any and all pictures displayed offer the
customer a general idea of our designs, sizes, shapes, textures, suggested uses and quality

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